See your loved-one relaxed with less stress and anxiety.

With The Guide for Caregivers framework, you’ll be filled with peace and gratitude as you provide stress and anxiety reduction for your loved-one--even if you’re new to gentle-touch massage. 

This course establishes the foundation for a holistic approach to non-medical comfort care, and through this work, you’ll develop the confidence and tools you need to address your loved-one’s physical and emotional needs.

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

You’ve tried and tried to provide rest, comfort and relaxation for your loved-one…

The reality is

...their basic needs like food, clean clothes, and doctor visits get in the way of your ability to tap into the symptom-relief available through gentle-touch massage.

… every time you think, now is the time to be with my loved-one and provide gentle touch, your mind goes into overload…

  • They’re really feeling bad today, can I really do this without making them worse?

  • How can simple touch make that much difference anyway?

  • I really should start dinner instead of spending time on this.

  • She’s in a lot of pain right now, not sure it’s a good time.

  • I’m feeling overwhelmed myself, how could I ever calm her down?

You’d like to be with them… and you’d like the opportunity to see them relaxed and calm.

You’re willing to do the work, but you need a guide – a way to figure this out and start providing comfort, rest and relaxation that doesn’t require months of training.

How would it feel to:

  • Learn one stroke at a time instead of worrying about all the massage modalities? The strokes accumulate one by one. They’ll come together as a choreographed dance. One that will find its own tempo and rhythm depending on you, the giver and your loved-one, the receiver.

  • Let go of the need for perfection? Simple touch is powerful-no perfection needed. You’ll be re-writing the story to include comfort and relaxation in no time.

  • Master the mechanics of intentional, gentle-touch massage as you learn the basics? These skills will become second nature to you instead of being a fearful encounter.

  • Confidently share your touch with those who are hurting physically and emotionally? You’ll surprise them, and maybe yourself, with your new-found confidence to simply “be there” for others and provide meaningful gentle-touch massage.

It is possible to provide relaxation and pain relief for your loved-one... but it depends on doing things differently.

Here's how it works:

  • Three Basic Massage Strokes give you everything you need to provide comfort, rest, and relaxation for your loved-one. The shorter, slower, softer methodology ensures a SAFE massage. 


  • Prop and Bolster examples are the equivalent of a massage therapy coach on your shoulder showing you how to use items you already have, to make your loved-one comfortable—no matter where they spend their time – bed, wheelchair, or recliner.


  • Mindset Mechanics are woven into the Guide for Caregiver lessons allowing you to listen not only with your ears, but with your heart and hands. You’ll learn a holistic approach to non-medical comfort care allowing you to deepen relationships while appreciating more love and compassion for the person you are touching.

What A Guide for Caregiver Students say:

“The course is laid out so well. It moves in very do-able chunks with important information given in each section. It is very clear, and I love both the knowledge aspect as well as the video aspect which helps with the learning. It is giving me more confidence in my ability to do this work.”



“I very much enjoyed the course. It was a great review for working with delicate clients. The course was well organized. I really liked the hands-on demonstrations for greater clarification of sequence, pressure, stroke.”



“Truly appreciate your emphasis on touch. I did what you said and held a hand while we talked and hugged for a longer time. This was with 3 different people--1 in the hospital. As you said, the gestures were definitely well received. So I am grateful for your sharing your knowledge and experience. ”



Meet the creator of A Guide for Caregivers Framework:

Hi, I’m Susan Gee, and I’ve completed thousands of massages since I started in 2007. 


It took me a while to become a confident therapist for those with advanced illness and at the end-of- life. After years of training, I realize touch is simple. Touch is a basic human need and belongs to everyone.  

We tend to overthink it and make it difficult. Getting to the basics of simple touch along with the basics of presence – really being there for another – allows me to approach someone with advanced illness with a relaxed demeanor and confidence in my skill to touch them using safe, effective gentle-touch massage. I call it a holistic approach to non-medical comfort care.

And that’s why I developed the Guide for Caregivers framework, so that people like you, with loved-ones who are hurting, can feel confident in touching them using simple massage strokes and mindset prompts that allow you to develop your own rhythm and pace that’s designed for you and your loved-one.

Course begins immediately upon purchase. You get 365-day access along with ongoing support in a private Facebook Community.

Massage Like a Pro with A Guide for Caregivers

Here's what's inside A Guide for Caregivers:

Lesson 1: Benefits of Gentle-Massage

If you’ve received a massage, maybe you understand the relaxing benefits.
But WHY do you feel relaxed following a massage?
What’s happening to the body, to the giver and to the receiver?
(Length of Video - 9 min)

You will:

  • Understand the dynamics of why massage promotes relaxation for your loved-one AND for you.

  • Learn why massage can provide the perfect combination for healing to begin. The body needs deep rest to heal.

  • Strengthen your relationship and communication with your loved-one. Sometimes touch is more powerful than words.

Lesson 2: Safety and Precautions

Take the fear out of touching someone with advanced illness.
(Length of Video-10 min)

You will:

  • Be able to say yes, anyone who wants to receive massage, can receive massage. You’ll learn how to shift the way you think about massage for someone who is ill.

  • Learn how to safely work around medical devices such a port, PICC line or IV. We’ll focus on what CAN be massaged instead of the areas that can’t.

  • Determine if physician permission is needed prior to massaging someone with medical concerns.

Lesson 3: The Tools You'll Need

Gather the tools – many of which you already have on hand.
(Length of Video-16 min)

You will:

  • Learn the most important tool you’ll need when providing gentle-touch massage for your loved-one… it will probably surprise you.

  • Be skilled in selecting the oil, lotion, or crème to be used during the massage.

  • Become proficient in ways to speak to your loved-one while allowing them to remain in control of the session.

Lesson 4. Prop and Bolster

See pain scores reduce, just by getting someone comfortable.
(Length of Video-9 min)

You will:

  • Create a calm oasis using things you already have in home or care facility.

  • Become skilled in how to prop and bolster your loved-one no matter where they like to spend their time… bed, wheelchair, recliner.

  • Understand how to provide massage wherever your loved-one prefers to be. No massage table needed.

Lesson 5. Communication – Preparing the Giver and Receiver

Spoken and Unspoken cues are everywhere.
(Length of Videos-14 min)

You will:

  • Learn how to communicate at a deeper level. Sometimes no words needed.

  • Deepen your understanding of presence – the ability to “be there” for another person. Learn how this inner work will benefit you and your loved-one.

  • Learn how to become the “Calm One in the Room” no matter what kind of confusion or chaos is happening around you.

Lesson 6. Shorter, Slower, Softer

The original framework.
(Length of Videos-15 min)

You will:

  • Understand why and how to adjust pressure for those who are ill.

  • Learn the Shorter, Slower, Softer framework so you can provide a SAFE massage.

  • Master the full-hand-contact method. When you use the full surface of your hand you convey warmth, comfort, and fullness in your strokes.

Lesson 7. Learn the Strokes.

Ready to get started?
(Length of Videos-9 min)

You will:

  • Learn 3 basic massage strokes:

    o Effleurage – long, flowing stroke
    o Petrissage – kneading stroke
    o Holds – holds directly on the skin or over clothing/linens

  • Watch as I demonstrate each stroke on a model.

  • Practice each stroke on yourself as you watch me practice.

Lesson 8. Hand and Arm Protocol

Protocol variations.
(Length of Videos-29 min)

You will:

  • Watch as I demonstrate how to massage the arm using the strokes you just learned.

  • Learn 3 different protocols for massaging the arm based on preference and medical devices.

  • Understand why simple “holds” are effective.

Lesson 9. Foot Protocol

One of the safest places to massage if your person is mobile.
(Length of Video-10 min)

You will:

  • Watch as I demonstrate how to massage the feet using the strokes you just learned.

  • Learn why massaging the feet is almost always safe – even if someone is ill.

  • Be encouraged to find your own tempo and rhythm for the massage.

Course begins immediately upon purchase. You get 365-day access along with ongoing support in a private Facebook Community.

Massage Like a Pro with A Guide for Caregivers

The 7-Day Do-the-Work Risk-Free Guide for Caregivers Guarantee

I am passionate about working with you to grow your skills so that you are confident to provide gentle-touch massage for your loved-one, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to give this offer a resounding “yes!”

Enter the Guide for Caregivers No-Questions-Asked 7-Day Guarantee. If you complete 90% of the work and find that you don’t have the insight, clarity and skill to become a confident giver of massage, you’ve got 7 days to ask for a refund.

Send us the reasons why this course was not a good fit for you, including what you did not get that you expected via email to and we will process your refund ASAP.

You’ve got nothing to lose… except maybe some stress and anxiety!

This course comes with a “7-DAY, DO-THE-WORK” money-back guarantee.

Digital Course: A Guide for Caregivers: How to Provide Gentle Touch for Your Loved-One:
• Digital course available for (1) one-year from date of purchase.
• Full refund within 7-days of purchase and viewing of 90% of each lesson.

If despite your earnest efforts, we fail to deliver, then you deserve your money back.

The questions would-be “givers-of-massage” ask before enrolling in A Guide for Caregivers

  • I would love to do this, but I’m already overloaded and overstretched. Can I really do it?

    Yes, you can! The course will only take 3 hours to complete. The short video lessons give you detailed information about everything you need to provide gentle-touch massage. And they give you examples and time to practice each stroke. You can view the course in the morning and provide a gentle-touch massage in the afternoon.

  • My patient is SO sick. I'm afraid of making them worse.

    This is one of the main reasons I created this course. Many caregivers are afraid to touch their loved-ones and that breaks my heart. I understand the fear. But, once you learn the skill, confidence follows.

    This course includes Safety and Precautions AND the Shorter, Slower, Softer framework. Shorter sessions, Slower speed of strokes and Softer pressure.

  • I stay so frustrated with my caregiving duties, I can’t imagine adding one more thing to my to do list.

    This course is designed with you, the busy and overwhelmed caregiver, in mind. The short video lessons allow you to learn the skills needed to provide a safe, effective massage, and teach you how to enjoy the process.

    In lesson 5, Communication, we dive deep into the attributes you likely have, but might have forgotten, to connect with your patient on a deeper level. This deeper level will bring out compassion and love. Almost a meditative state for you, the giver. Imagine your hands doing the talking. Sometimes no words needed.

  • What kind of support do you offer with the course?

    I am here for you. I want to support and help you along your journey. I am available by email and questions are answered and support given in my private Facebook Community.

  • There is no way my loved-one could get on a massage table, or lay flat.

    It takes energy to transfer from wheelchair to bed or wheelchair to recliner. We don’t want to ask our patient to use energy that could be saved for a family visit or outing. Massage is provided wherever they prefer to be.

    Lesson 4, Prop and Bolster will teach you how to get your patient comfortable in a hospital bed, wheelchair or recliner using things you already have at home or care facility... no massage table needed.

  • I’m not in the best shape myself. I have a bad back and am not extraordinarily strong. Can I still do massage?

    Yes! Imagine yourself on a comfortable stool or in a comfortable chair. Pull that chair alongside your patient and provide massage to the areas you can reach – arms, hands, feet. It’s important to be mindful of your own body mechanics so you are comfortable as you work. And remember, the sessions don’t have to be long, and gentle pressure is used throughout.

Still not sure if
A Guide for Caregivers
is right for you?

Check off 5 or more of these and come on in!

  • You’ve been thinking there must be a way to provide rest, relaxation and pain relief for your loved-one without expensive drugs or doctor visck

  • You’re looking for a way to connect with your patient on a deeper level. A way to communicate that benefits both you and your patient.

  • You’ve just started to consider gentle-touch massage as a means of providing care for your patient and want to make sure you do it right from the get-go by using a step-by-step process that helps you understand how this holistic approach all comes together.

  • You’re an experienced caregiver who knows how to provide great care for your patients but want to take your skills to the next level. You want to show love and compassion using gentle-touch massage AND to understand the greater impact you can have.

  • You’re willing to dive into the 9-lesson process with a curious mind and open heart. You’re willing to put in the time to develop your own rhythm and pace.

  • You’re working hard to develop your skills to see your patient stress and anxiety free. It would be immensely rewarding to see the impact you could have by adding simple touch as you care for your patient.

  • You’re relieved to have a step-by-step process for allowing your patient to rest and relax, and happy that you can completes it in an afternoon.

  • Guilt has set in and you wish you could “do something” to help them feel better. You’re excited to have a plan to make a difference.

  • You’re ready to put any past missteps behind you and joyfully commit to a way that will bring rest, comfort and peace to you AND your patient.

Your mission to provide comfort, rest and relaxation for your patient is important, and I thank you for your courage and commitment to this work.

I know it’s not easy. I know caregiving is hard and it often feels impossible to complete all the tasks required of you.

You worry that you’ll never get this work done – or that your work won’t be appreciated.

I personally believe it’s time to rewrite that belief and let your efforts shine in the way they were meant to.

Your patient deserves rest, relaxation, and comfort. Most importantly, YOU deserve this.

I’m SO appreciative of your trust in me, and sincerely hope we get the chance to meet inside
A Guide for Caregivers.


Course begins immediately upon purchase. You get 365-day access along with ongoing support in a private Facebook Community.

Massage Like a Pro with A Guide for Caregivers